Camping in Canada: FAQs

Camping in Canada: FAQs

We know that travel is very difficult right now with Covid the pandemic, everyone and their grandmother are booking provincial and federal campsites. They’re filling up fast.

How much does it cost to camp in Canada?
The average cost for camping in Canada is $40 – $50 a night. For provincial parks and national parks, this is typically the fee for one campsite with electricity. Non-electric can be as little as $20 per night.

How much does a national park pass cost in Canada?
It is around $10 for entrance to national parks in Canada, which are managed by Parks Canada. An annual Discovery Pass is available for $136, which allows unlimited admission to over 80 Parks Canada destinations. There is a recent initiative where new Canadian citizens can enjoy free access to Canadian national parks to celebrate their first year in Canada!

Can you camp anywhere in Canada?
Interesting fact: Did you know that almost 90% of Canada’s territory is also known as “Crown Land” (meaning it belongs to the monarchy), and all Canadian residents can camp on Crown Land for free for up to 21 days.

Stepping into the wilds of Canada may just be the vacation you never knew you were missing! We hope this list of the best camping in Canada spots has inspired you to explore this big, beautiful backyard of ours. Travel well and stay safe.

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